Quality and service
without compromise

We are aware that the market success of our products is directly linked to the satisfaction of our customers. It is therefore our greatest wish to comprehensively fulfil the demands of our customers with respect to quality, punctuality and pricing.

In order to meet with the associated requirements in this regard, we implement a quality management system that conforms to a wide range of national and international standards. Our employees work constantly on adhering to and continuously improving this system.

Certificates and accreditations

Slawinski bottoms and heads produced with test certification per EN 10204:
Factory certificate 2.2
Inspection certification 3.1
Inspection certification 3.2 (TU?V, LR, DNV, ...)

Slawinski bottoms and heads in welded construction produced per ASME code:
Partial Data Report

Slawinski parts produced without production and test code:
Certificate of order compliance

Well trained and committed employees guarantee Slawinski quality

Slawinski quality

Slawinski quality means:

  • Adhering to all prescribed and agreed production and test specifications
  • Complete documentation of all quality testing
  • No reworking of delivered parts
  • A long complaint-free service life for all Slawinski parts

Non-destructive testing:

  • Visual inspections
  • Dimensional checks
  • X-ray testing
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Dye penetration testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Spectrographic testing
  • Hardness testing

Test organisation: Fa. Ferrotest

Destructive testing

Destructive testing:

  • Tensile, bending and notched bar impact tests
  • Macro and micro examinations
  • Corrosion testing

Test organisation: Zentrallabor Siegerland